Lead Generation Project

0 to $20k in 2 months


The Client is in the chiropractic niche looking to grow a brand for his service and get more people through the door. Before starting to work with us the client had a rough time getting new clients because of covid-19. During that time the clients business almost shut down.

Challenges before we started working together: 

No predictable way of getting new clients

Business almost shut down since C-19

No experience running ads


New clients interested in chiropractic services on a daily basis.

Increase in ad budget and hiring new staff members (front desk).

$20,000 in revenue after 2 months of working together.

What did we do:

We advised the client to niche down to 1 specific treatment when advertising.

We had a specific target audience.

We tested creatives and copywrite that our competition wasn’t using.

If campaigns started drying out we were quick to make necessary changes.

We had top notch communication with the client.


Once the offer is dialed in, it is not hard for us to create and test creatives and copy that are different from the competition.

The Client struggled after Covid because his business wasn’t ready and optimized for what the world has come to.

More and more businesses are transitioning online and we make sure you are ready for it.