Lead Generation Project.

Scaled to $100k / month in 4 months


The Client is in the coaching space with a target audience in the US. The client has built several different businesses in the past and needed help with getting his sales calendar filled with qualified appointments. The main source of generating leads was through Instagram ads.

Challenges before we started working together: 

Too much competition in the coaching space.

Not enough sales calls on the calendar.

Too many unqualified leads.

Not enough time for the client to scale the business.


Sales team calendar filled with appointments each day.

Increase in Clients pricing due to high demand.

Increase in ad budget and hiring new staff members on the sales team.

6 figures after 3 months of working together.

What did we do:

We focused on one source of leads that was working the best, DM ads.

We placed appointment setters with experience inside the clients Instagram

We saw a pattern that repeated itself when talking to prospects

Based on the pattern we built a perfect setting script

We focused on scheduling sales calls, not trying to sell the service through dms

We worked over hours (+ weekends) to make sure leads that came through didn’t go cold


Crafting a clear solution on how to have a packed sales calendar is doable for every single niche, as long as testing and research is done.

Unlike most businesses, with us testing does not last 3 months. It takes 3 months to reach the best results possible but testing is done in the first 1-2 weeks.

After that it comes down to crafting and perfecting the process until it is on autopilot.