Consulting Project

5 to 6 figures in 2 months


The Client is in the digital design space and was only using organic content to get sales. Once he got to 5 figures he gave us a call to scale him further. He had never ran paid traffic in the past and didn’t have a clear direction.

Challenges before we started working together: 

No predictable way of scaling with organic content

No confidence if the business would achieve profit the next month

Fear of getting accounts he was posting from shut down


Predictability inside the business

5 to 6 figures in the second month

10x in revenue in the second month

What did we do:

We made sure the funnel on the clients website is fully optimized for maximum conversions.

We created custom content to make sure the product is presented in the best light possible.

We had a clear target audience.

We were quick to make necessary changes (switch creatives, different approaches, different CTAs).

We tracked numbers and made decisions based on logic.

We had a great retargeting set in place.


99% of success with start ups and 5 figure companies comes down to having a good services that solves a problem, having an idea of how to present the product to a good audience and tracking the numbers.

Once these are dialed in, the scaling process is quite simple.

We pride ourselves on the quote: “Simple scales, complex fails.”